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Adult Transition Program

The Adult Transition Program provides continued education for students  transitioning from high school into classes at the Hayward Adult School. Th educational services for students ages 18-22. Students are placed in the program during an IEP meeting held at their high school during their 12th grade year. Students come tour the campus with special education staff  to determine which classroom will provide the best learning experience.

There are 6 transition classes at the adult adult school. These classrooms offer unique instructional experiences for enrolled students. Depending on the students' ability, they are placed in one of the following programs:


The Mocha Cafe Job Transition Program

The Mocha Café Job Transition Program provides valuable training to young adults aged 18-22 years old with mild intellectual disabilities through the operation of the Mocha Café, a popular coffee house on the Adult School campus, located next to the bookstore.

The café features a full menu of espresso beverages, coffees, teas, fruit-yogurt smoothies and freezes as well as a variety of snacks , such as bagels, pastries, cookies and nuts. 

While working at the café, students learn the following skills:

  • Providing excellent customer service

  • Making a variety of beverages to order

  • Handling cash transactions

  • Ordering and accounting for inventory

  • Merchandising products

  • Stocking and cleaning the café

  • Working as a team member

  • Developing individual responsibility.

Sparkle Auto Spa- This classroom operates a car wash at the adult school. This teaches students how to clean the inside and outside of vehicles.

Community Education  Students in these classes will attend community college with the support of the paraeducator accompanying students in the community.

If students are eligible, they may register for the adult school's High School Diploma program to complete graduation requirements.