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GED Testing

Computer-based Testing Site

The Hayward Center for Education & Careers (Adult School) is proud to be an official Pearson Vue on-line test site for the GED.   

Test takers can sign up for a single subject or all 4 subjects on-line and take the test at our campus (22100 Princeton Street, Hayward CA, 94541).  We recommend not exceeding 2 exams in one day.

Content Areas Duration Price Passing Score Honors Passing Score
Mathematical Reasoning 115 Minutes $35.00 145-169 170-200
Reasoning Through Language Arts 155 Minutes $35.00 145-169 170-200
Science 95 Minutes $35.00 145-169 170-200
Social Science 95 Minutes $35.00 145-169 170-200

Retest fees:

1st retest = $15.00 per content area               

2nd retest = $15.00 per content area

3rd retest = $35.00 per content area

  • After the first three failed attempts of a content area you will be required to wait 60 days before retesting again.  Moreover, after the third failed attempt you must wait 60 days in between each new reattempt (eg. After attempt #4 wait 60 days before test #5, then wait 60 days before you can take test #6, if needed)
  • A test (same content area) can only be repeated a maximum of 9 times in one year.

To register for the GED exam at The Hayward Center: 

  1. Click the following link: GED Testing Services
  2. Click the Register Today button and Create an Account if you are taking the test for the first time.  Otherwise Log In with the Username and Password you previously created.
  3. Follow the step-by-step instructions and be sure to select The Hayward Center as your desired test site.
  4. Mark your calendar in preparation for your test date.
  5. Good Luck!

GED Testing Requirements and Policies

Age Requirement:

  • Individuals age 18 years or older may test whether or not they are enrolled at The Hayward Center.
  • Individuals within 60 days of their 18th birthday may test whether or not they are enrolled at The  Hayward Center.

1.  A 17 year old may test within 60 days of their original high school graduation date had they stayed in school
     (NOTE: must be documented in writing on official school letterhead)

2.  A 17 year old may test if they have been out of school for 60 days or more and present written documentation with the prospective test taker's name included from either the military, a prospective  employer, or a post secondary institution indicating that the GED is required for entry into their program or work place.
    (NOTE: both conditions must exist and be documented on official letterhead)

Items to Bring on Test Date:

Bring your current driver’s license or another form of government issued picture identification. You will also need documentation verifying your residency. Please check the PearsonVue website for acceptable documents.

Proof of Residency

In California you are required to be a resident, as defined in Government Code section 233, or a member of the armed services assigned to duty in California.  If the form of identification you intend to bring does not prove your California residency, you must additionally bring at least one of the following to prove your residency:

  • Current rental or lease agreement
  • Current deed or title to residential real property
  • Current mortgage statement
  • Current home utility bill
  • Current cable or phone bill
  • Current employment documents
  • Current insurance documents
  • Current Internal Revenue Service or California Franchise Tax Board tax return
  • Current property tax bill or statement
  • Court documents that list the applicant as a California resident
  • Current California certificate of vehicle or vessel title or registration
  • Completion of the California High School Equivalency Declaration of California Residency

If you do not provide documentation to prove that you are a resident, you will not be allowed to test and will lose the testing fee that was paid.

We have limited storage.

Personal items may not be kept with at the testing station while your are testing. If you bring any personal items such as: purse, cell phone, pager, tote bag,  food or drink items, textbooks,  notebooks, unauthorized computerized aid, supplies, scratch paper, jackets, coats or hats, they will be placed in a basket (or tagged) and left with the proctor to store.  We cannot be held responsible for any left behind, lost or stolen items.

We encourage testers to use the restroom before or after a test session.

Please power your cell phone off and enter the testing room quietly.  The test administrator will check all clients in and provide further instructions.  Please do not knock before entering.