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The Hayward Center for Education and Careers is committed to establishing an effective and functional adult school that will provide a variety of opportunities in adult education and career readiness programs that will empower the youth and adults of the community.

As we continue to strive and ensure that each student and family in our community is educated and challenged, we promote a culturally responsive approach to developing the skills of our youth and adults. The on-going challenge is to help students expand their horizons by giving them opportunities to be successful in the 21st century in a community-centered environment.

The Hayward Adult School has taken on this task to help with the social, emotional, academic and career oriented development of our students. With that in mind, the evolution of integrating services and programs in our adult school to support our students and families has become a priority. The global high demand in the work force has become evident as more businesses seek educated and competitive employees.

With that said, we are preparing for our fall session as we provide opportunities for our youth and adults to continue to learn and prepare for higher education or the career of their choice. We will have an abundance of information and resources to assist our community with undertaking the challenge of becoming educated. Please read below.

Looking forward to educating and preparing our youth and adult community!

Kwasi Reed, Director
Hayward Adult School